Sunday, January 4, 2009

La Muerte Palula!

[South Park spoiler alert, if for some reason you feel that that's necessary]

I don't know if you watch South Park, but one of the latest episodes, a two-parter in fact, was about the kids deciding to start a Peruvian pan-flute band in order to make money. For reasons I won't go into here, the Department of Homeland Security decides that it must extradite all the Peruvian pan-flute bands in America, and ship them to Gitmo. As it turns out, the Peruvian pan-flute bands are not just there to make a little money off of their CDs, they are in fact the guardians from the ancient curse of La Muerte Palula - The Furry Death.

So with all the Peruvian bands gone, the world is invaded by... Giant guinea-pigs.

Now, here's what made me write this post today:

Pre-historic South America actually had giant guinea pigs. I kid you not. I told you in the last post I was reading The Blind Watchmaker and late last night I had to wake Lori up to tell her that the giant guinea pigs existed. Not the size that they were depicted in the South Park episodes, but at least the size of a rhinoceros.

How's that for weird.

Googling for it found me this, check for yourself:


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