Sunday, April 5, 2009

A few observations

1. I clearly am not up for playing poker every single day of the week. I've done so this week, in part because I wanted to test myself and see how I'd feel about it, but also because I wanted to get a flying start to it all and put a lot of volume in now before the baby comes (after which all bets are off, for now). So today, I'm a little worn out and will probably take at least one day off of poker to recharge a bit, but so far this month I've managed to play 12.5k hands which puts me right on schedule for playing 75k/month. And this is while having been in the office at least halftime.

2. I can pretty easily play 10 tables in parallel, which makes a massive difference in the amount of volume I can play as opposed to playing 6 tables. I think this is primarily due to the fact that now that I'm mostly home from work, I can pick the timing of my sessions to fit when I'm feeling the most alert and up for it. When I come home after 8-10 hours in the office and sit down to play a lot of my energy for that day has already been expended.

3. Stars regs - and I'll probably get to eat my words for saying this - at 1/2 are decent players preflop but kinda suck postflop. I don't need a huge sample to notice this; many of them have an OK 24/20-type style, but seem to not get that if

a) you play a quarter of all hands, it stands to reason that
b) when you float 60% of flops in position, you
c) can't actually have it all that often, so when
d) I check to you on the turn and you bet, you will
e) get owned by this particular 19/16 nit.

4. It's really nice to get off to a great start, results wise, when you're going pro - even if it's just a temporary gig. Thank you, poker gods.

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ChuckTs said...

Great to hear it's going well FP. Still surprised at your decision considering the way you've always written about going pro and how you didn't think you'd like it.

Not to be a downer but I've been running so bad I'm almost at that quitting poker stage (again). Taking an extended break at least.

I'd like to get some sweats in in the next while if you have time. I need to seriously slow my game down and start thinking about it properly again.

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