Sunday, May 3, 2009

Oh. Hi!

Perhaps unsurprisingly, I've been too busy with other things in life than blogging, but I wanted to get back in the saddle and try to document some of the stuff that I've been up to, poker-wise. If you want to know more about how Benjamin is doing, you're not going to find out here. At least not in this post.

From the perspective of poker, April was a really bad month for me. After the first week (which went really well) it was like someone pulled the plug and after a 25-or-so buy-in rush down, I struggled for the last two weeks just to keep my nose above water. I didn't quite succeed; April is officially the first - I hope I at some point get to add "only" to this title - losing month in my entire NL career. Now, here's what I get to take with me from this month, though:

1. Even a month as bad as this one still saw me breaking even after bonuses were included.
2. Had I been dealt this same string of cards 6 months ago, I would have lost so very much more.

#1 is good for my bankroll. #2 is good for my psyche.

When I run bad, I need to remind myself that I'm not losing as much as I could have; that learning all the stuff I've learned really does pay off - just not in money made right now, but in money saved. So while I hate having to start my temporary pro-career with a losing month, I'm trying to keep a good perspective on things: I hate a tough month, but I've learned a lot, my bankroll's still healthy, and I have great hopes for May being my best month ever. Hopefully without jinxing it, I'm hoping for a five-figure net result.

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