Thursday, April 1, 2010


So I ran like crap in March. The whole month was mostly a yo-yo around break-even, which for reasons I can't quite explain feels worse than having a huge downswing followed by a huge upswing, or vice versa. I had a great session followed by a lousy session followed by a great session... Etc. I felt like Sisyphos. Frustrating. On March 30th, I scored a big day, enough to put me back in the black for the month, and I decided to just take the small win and be happy with it, not playing yesterday. I was obviously hoping for more than a 0.12bb/100 win-rate for March.

But, at the same time - and the reason for the title of this post - I also acknowledge that I've learned so much in the last year that had this happened a year ago, I wouldn't be just above break-even for the month. I'd probably be something like down 5 buy-ins. That's the perspective I have, and that I want to have. It's easy, when having gone through a rough stretch, to feel like all the work I put in isn't worth much when I can still get so royally screwed over by the deck. But that's not true. All the work saved me a lot of money. The money saved has as much of an impact on my yearly earnings as anything else. I must remember this.


Bennie is learning how to walk. Or, rather, he's learned how to walk, now he just needs to practise not falling over quite as often. He's also getting pretty loud. With his (almost) complete lack of vocabulary, he tends to compensate for that with volume. I presume most of us can identify with that, if we consult our Inner Drunks. The same goes, I guess, for the walking difficulties.



Icemonkey9 said...

Good blog post. BTW I decided to finally OUT you as Isildur1 on my blog post today.

joxum said...

I remember when my son was at that part of his life, about a year and a half ago. Watching him master his first doorstep was a moment like no other.

You think it's great and funny and giving now - just wait and see, you have big things in store!

Oh, and good post - I hate those swings too.


donnie said...

inconsistent times ey. im impressed you laid off after the big win at the end of the month.

good luck with the walking. my boy lost his first tooth this week- big things in store! my wife was trying to convince him there was a tooth fairy. if anyone if you watch curb your enthusiasm- i couldnt help but think Larry David had a point.

Anonymous said...

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