Saturday, September 3, 2011

Officially retired poker player, am I

So, after quite a hiatus, I finally hammered the last nail into my poker career's coffin: I withdrew all of my bankroll, thus effectively putting to end an era of my life that lasted for 5-6 years, could in many respects be said to have been more formative of my personality than school or college ever was, and from which I bring (almost) no regrets.

And, with that, this blog will either die for real, or be reborn. I'm still not sure. I'm nowadays active on Twitter - @FredrikPaulsson - and I've found myself at times itching to say more than what fits into 140 characters. Perhaps this is the place to do that.

We'll see. Tonight, I'll drink a toast to my poker career, reflecting on its highs and lows, on all the friends I've made, the good times I've had and what I've learned.

Here's to you, poker, old friend. Maybe we'll cross paths again some day.



tenbob said...

Shame FP, Ive been thinking along the same lines for a lot of this year, I still enjoy a few hours on the tables though :)

I'll follow on twitter and check in here occasionally in the hope of an update.


Fletchdad said...

Now that I earlier left my first comment on your blog - to a post over 2 years old - I read this.

Shame. I hope you continue to write about poker, but guess this wont happen, at least not much.

And I loved you blog post about the word "belief".

I will defo be looking in here. Thanks for all the insight you have given.

And good luck to you sir!

Fredrik Paulsson: said...


Thanks for the kind words.

Yeah, there won't be many poker related posts moving forward. Poker has so much shaped my way of thinking about life in general, though, that there probably will at some point be a post that makes use of poker concepts. But explicit poker advice? Not likely, unless I start playing actively again.