Monday, July 7, 2008


There's a software called PokerEV, which has as its basic functionality that it imports all hands from PokerTracker, finds the spots where I am all-in, and then finds out what my expected value for that situation is and compare it to the actual outcome. For instance, let's say that it finds a situation where me and this other guy is all-in preflop, and I have kings and he has queens. If I unsurprisingly win, I will score his entire stack. In PokerEV, it will show that I got a little bit lucky on that hand, since my real winnings are higher than my theoretical outcome. Of course, the idea is to create an average over many hands.

Differently put, it tells you if you're being lucky or unlucky in all-in situations. Do you seem to lose every coin flip with AK vs. pocket pairs? Etc. It's really only useful for no-limit, and even there its usefulness is questionable.

I've used it twice.

Both times was after I knew for a fact that I had been unlucky in all-in pots, and wanted a machine, a program, to tell me what I already knew, because that way I'll feel better about myself. Today was such a day. I had to download it again since I uninstalled it last time. I couldn't remember why. But I plugged my hands in and I almost wanted to post my graph here on this blog for sympathy.

... but then I remembered that I don't do that. And then I uninstalled PokerEV again, and made this post instead. And I think that was better, for all of us. And now I think I remember why I uninstalled it last time.

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bw07507 said...

Wasn't aware you had a new blog here until I saw your comment on Chucks blog. Ive always enjoyed reading your CC blog posts will have to check in here as well now. Linked you from mine as well.