Thursday, December 4, 2008

Vista? No.

So I ordered a new computer on Friday. It surprisingly promptly arrived on Monday, at which point all the parts needed to be assembled, the OS installed, etc. I had a free choice on OS, and no I did not install a cracked copy. All legit. And with 8GB of RAM in this puppy, I needed a 64-bit OS, so "naturally" I went with the best and finest: Vista Ultimate. Nothing is too good for me and my computer!

Except Vista sucks. I hate it. Detest it. Can't stand it.

Okay, in fairness I should perhaps say that it's not Vista that sucks, it's the applications written for it. Often, the bugs that occur in Vista should have occurred in other operating systems as well, but they were not as rigorously written for security so they don't show up there. I can see that happening.

But it doesn't matter whose fault it is. Case in point is that I can't run Vista and do the things I need to do. Like run Holdem Manager (which requires an installation of PostgreSQL which flat out won't work on Vista Ultimate, because Windows Installer has decided that something else is already installing - don't ask). So, tonight, after another cascade of failed attempts at googling the error symptoms and trying to set things straight, I gave up and simply installed XP x64 instead. Good ol' XP. 

It took 30 minutes to install, as compared to Vista's 4 hours. It runs faster, as far as I can tell, and I know how to work it. Now, three hours after a fresh install, most of the programs I want installed are installed.

So, no poker has been played this week. It was just about five minutes ago that I got HEM installed and up and running again, and now I have some database importing to do and that's going to take awhile. Still, good to have my computer back.

Screw you, Vista. Screw you right in the ear.


Icemonkey9 said...

Agreed. I downgraded back to XP with my Quadcore system just because I wanted everything to WORK.

Alex said...

I'm almost embarrassed to admit I'm learning to like Vista. Granted if I couldn't run programs I needed on it, there could be problems but I'm beginning to like some of the features and other things. Also, I'm sure part of it is I mess with computers enough at work(Mac/XP), that I just didn't want to deal with loading XP on the computer I bought with Vista. That and Vista is here, XP won't be, and at some point I'll need to adapt.