Monday, February 2, 2009

Swing and a Miss

My 400NL shot did not work out. I was trodding along yesterday, logging about 2k hands, and started out great, going up two buy-ins. Then I ran ice cold for awhile, getting no action on my big hands and getting drawn out on the turn or river to lose some pretty big pots. Was down about 1k for the day.

Then, as I was getting ready to call it quits, the plug apparently came out, and the following four hands took place in less than 10 minutes:

Three limpers, and I check the BB w 72s. Flop comes 8-7-2 twotone, I bet, UTG limper raises, I 3-bet, he 4bets small and I shove. He tanks and calls with KK. Turn is an eight and... Oh well.

Another table is about to break and it's me and a hyperaggressive player left. He has FPS tendencies, so I decide to play a couple of hands with him HU to see if I can get him to spew. I could; we get it all-in on the K-8-2-3 turn where I get it in with TT, and his AJ spikes an ace on the river. Engh.

UTG raises and two callers, I ponder squeezing with QJ in the BB, but decide to just call instead. Flop comes J-8-2, two spades. I decide against check/raising the field and lead out. UTG raises, everyone else folds. We're deep, his raise was small, and I decide to peel to see what he does on the turn. The turn is another J, and I'm now only behind to 88, 22, AJ and KJ. I lead out again, because I think he'll take a free card often. He snapshoves. I snapcall. He hits his flush on the river with A2s... For crying out loud.

And thus ended my 400NL shot for this time. I'm still well bankrolled for 200NL, and have no qualms about putting in more work there. And as much as yesterday sucked, I'm still actually only down about $400 counting from a week ago, so in perspective things are not that bad. I'm already looking forward to my next attempt at moving up - and maybe this time I'll run hot when I get there!

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