Monday, March 2, 2009

How You Find Me

About twice a year or so, I (somewhat randomly) decide to look at phrases people have googled and that have brough them to this little blog. Today was such a day. Sometimes people find their way here in amusing ways like whoever put in "when poker isn't fun anymore" and decided that my blog was their destination. I've also been getting a lot of traffic for having put up a post about La Muerte Palula. A lot of people watch South Park, so it's perhaps not surprising that a few of them end up here when searching for the name of one of the episodes.

So the tool that shows me this information also tells me how many hits a certain search term has netted me. Most of them show the number "1." What surprised me today was that in the last two months, no less than 21 people have come here specifically googling "tiffany michelle wsop fredrik."

My site ranks number one on that particular phrase. Yay! But who is searching for it? It must surely be someone who has already read the post and wants to read it again? Or is there some other story here? Is there some connection between another Fredrik and Tiffany Michelle regarding the WSOP?

It's all very strange to me. If you happen to be one of these people (or that person. For all I know, I suppose it could be one single person who just has a weird habit of putting that particular search into Google every day.) please let me know why, because the curiousity is killing me.



Tildy said...

It might be me, trying to find any juicy gossip about just what you did with this Tiffany Michelle after hours at the WSOP.

The Spore said...

not me, but that's pretty funny :P