Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Late Night Business Decision

Sunday night - or technically, Monday morning - I was suffering from a bit of insomnia. A combination of several things, I'd guess, not the least of which was the full moon. Not kidding; I generally have a bit of a tougher time sleeping those nights. Sleeping in late on Sunday probably helped, too, and a tingling of stress about the upcoming week couldn't have made it better.

So after lying in bed for 45 minutes tossing and turning, I turned on the light and picked up my book. Read a chapter. Turned off the light, tried to sleep. Didn't work. Finally just gave up and got out of bed at around midnight and turned on the computer.

On a whim - and this is how I like my purchases - I ordered a 24" flatscreen Dell monitor. My thinking was that if I have a bigger monitor, I could play six tables which a nice big size instead of just four. 50% more hands per time unit. This investment will pay for itself in no-time.

I hope.

It hasn't arrived yet, but it should later in the week or maybe next week. The decision might have been on a whim, but is not one I regret. A bigger monitor really does mean more hands per hour, and that can't be a bad thing. I used to play 8-9 tables on this old monitor, and that was simply too much for me to handle. Not only did I not have enough time to think through all my decisions, but each table was also too small for me to actually fit all the information from the HUD that I like to have up. With a bigger screen, and sticking to six tables, I should not have to compromise. I'm expecting to take a bit of a cut in the win-rate anyway (although rarely, I still make the occasional mistake at four tables that I wouldn't have had I played only one - and it's unlikely to get better if I add two more), but hardly a 33% loss.

Also, it was 30% off. $340 including delivery. Last time I shopped for a monitor, those babies cost closer to $1500, so what's not to like?

Lori had insomnia as well and wasn't quite as enthusiastic about my midnight electronics purchase, but after a little bit of negotation that ended in a compromise that I get a new monitor if we'll make sure to buy new furniture for the workroom (a deal that I'm not entirely sure has a negative for me, but I'm not looking a gift horse in the mouth) I clicked "Complete Transaction" on the Dell website.

Now I'm just waitin'.

As a sidenote, I've been absolutely killing at the tables this month. Only 6k hands, but when you're making 50 cents per hand, that's still something to be pretty excited about. I'm just crossing my fingers that my next post will be a "I wish I hadn't said that" post.

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