Monday, October 27, 2008

Sunday Warmup

First, some poker progress report:

I'm 2/2 in cashing in the Poker Stars $200 Sunday Warm-up tournament. I'd like to go deeper, but I really can't complain about the results. The main reason I'm even playing it to begin with is that it's probably the most +EV way for me to use my FPPs at Stars.

I'm also doing a lot of work on plugging leaks in my cash game. So far, I feel it's been very productive. I've been looking at hand textures and ranges, trying to improve my c-betting habits, and my postflop and preflop bet-sizing. Couple that with some very aggressive table selection, a lot of good hands, and my results between now and the last post have been very good. If I were a superstitious man I wouldn't make that comment, but fortunately I'm not.

Second, a comment on my general state of blogging:

I'm not doing it much. Frankly, it's because I haven't felt like it. I've had too much other stuff that I'd rather do, including watching movies, reading books, hanging out with friends and playing and studying poker. I haven't felt like there's anything particularly newsworthy going on in either my own poker world or the poker world in general that I want to comment on. So I haven't.

I'm not particularly interested in the fucked up courts in Kentucky that are seizing domain names of gambling sites.

The November nine? Oh yeah, I guess the WSOP final table is coming up. Uh... Exciting?

Frankly, in reading the blogs it seems that most writers are experiencing a slow news month. Or maybe they're more excited than ever and it's just my own apathy that makes me interpret it that way. Whatever the reason, I don't particularly find anything interesting enough to bother writing about so I haven't. I'm glad I scored a small cash in a tournament yesterday, though, as it gave me an excuse to write something.

Wow, what a depressing post I just put forward. I guess I better end it with something positive. How's about a picture of me playing the banjo?

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C9H13NO3 said...

What's the difference between a chainsaw & a banjo? You can tune a chainsaw!