Monday, July 6, 2009


As of the dinner break, Fredrik was down to 20K (they started with 30K). They haven't yet finished the next level, so I don't know much more. Gotta try to get a crabby boy to sleep.


The players have returned to the tables after a 20-minute break, but I haven't received any update from Fredrik. Hope it's going well! I'm soon heading over to the MGM for the CardsChat party, but perhaps I can keep updating from there.


I hope Fredrik doesn't mind how I'm updating his blog. Don't get me wrong, he told me to do so, I just hope he doesn't mind the WAY I'm doing it.

It's interesting to read about the possible riot going on over at the Rio, heh. The following blog, which I gather Fredrik follows very closely, has some details (and he even mentions talking to Fredrik, if you look at the 12:20 update -- meta-cross-blogging!): Tao of Poker.


SMS from Fredrik 14:24, during the day's first break in play:

"Finally got my table. Missed the first level but at least I get to play. Will report in later; play starts in 5 minutes."


From the WSOP website:

"Mon, 06 Jul 2009 12:13:13
It's Official - We're at Capacity
From the laptop of a Harrahs official: "The Main Event registration is officially closed. All seats available on Day1D have been sold. Final entrant numbers and prize pool information will be available late this evening after all reconciliation has been completed." Biggest. Day 1. Ever."

Sounds better. Haven't heard more from Fredrik. Hope that means he's seated and playing!


Hey, this is Lori, relaying an SMS I got from Fredrik:

"There's a 'situation'. Sold out and Party is on reserve. We're still playing but may not start 12. Waiting for others to bust and open seats."

I call shenanigans. If they go in only after someone else has busted, they'll technically be at a disadvantage. Why aren't the people who have registered recently (or are registering right now -- I read on the WSOP website that the registration lines were really long this morning) on reserve instead? Oh well. I'll keep editing here to let you know about any further SMS's.


Melissa said...

Hi. I'm Prime, or Melissa, and Harald said you were in Vegas where I live. Perhaps you need some help or some dinner? Let me know. :)


Fredrik Paulsson: said...

OMG, Prime, if you want to come to the Monte Carlo and take care of a screaming baby while I go somewhere else... ;) I'm on my own for like 15 hours today if all goes well, and since I'm sick, that sucks hard. -Lori

Anonymous said...

Sorry, I'm in Spain - otherwise you know I'd be there

Erland said...

Nice to see that you got a table to play at. Would have sucked not to be allowed to play at all.

WVHillbilly said...

Glad to hear you got seated Fredrik.

Pauly posted about your conversation here: in his 12:20 update.

Since you posted about maybe meeting him a few days ago I'm sure it was a little thrill amongst all the angst over getting a seat.

NICK (ZORBA) said...

Go Fredrik Go, I wish you all the best of luck mate.
CC is proud of you.