Saturday, July 4, 2009

Las Vegas - July 3rd

This will be a brief post, because Debi and Joe are on their way over to visit us.

Yesterday, I headed downstairs to play the 1/2 no-limit game spread in the casino and got a seat immediately which was nice. The primary reason for playing was to get some experience in chip and card handling. Secondarily came fun. Third and least came profit. Fortunately for me, I got all three. The game was, I've understood, extremely atypical for a live 1/2 game. It wasn't a "tough" game by my standards (if the same players sat down at Party 1/2, you'd have to pry my mouse out of my cold, dead hands to get me to leave that table). However, it was probably one of the toughest 1/2 games going yesterday in Vegas. Half of the table were Party Poker players, and quite probably more. It happened more than once that a preflop raise took the pot down uncontested, and it was even folded to my big blind once in the hour that I sat there.

Other than that, we've spent most of the time in the hotel room recovering from jetlag and making sure specifically Benjamin recovers from jetlag. He's having a little bit of trouble with it: since he's tired, he can't eat properly. And since he's hungry, he wakes up often to eat, but falls asleep before he's finished. Vicious cycle, but I hope we've broken it now.

Tonight, dinner with Debi and Joe. Possibly a few drinks. More on that tomorrow, perhaps even with a picture or two.

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