Wednesday, July 22, 2009


As I was playing the piano, I could hear Lori going "oh, my!" in the kitchen. At first, I was happy because I assumed that it was some kind of way of showing how much she admired my piano-playing (maybe, for instance, it was my near-seemless transition from "As Time Goes By" to "Wonderful World" that had evoked such an exclamation of enchantment), but then I went into the room and asked what was that about and she explained that it was because of something Benjamin had just done.

She called it "automatic fire farting."

There's a hyphen missing from that phrase, and my mind put it between the last two words, whereas the messenger's intention was between the first two words. This caused some discussion on what my interpretation of the words would mean, and we agreed that it would be when you can set your farts on fire without using a lighter or a match.


You're welcome.


icemonkey9 said...

I am so glad that I interviewed you and a ton of people will be coming to your blog reading about automatic-firing farts lol.

Fredrik Paulsson: said...

Like I said: You're welcome. :)

Tildy said...

People come to Fredrik's blog for the leet poker info, they stay for the high-class subtle humor.

-The wife

Tildy said...

Oh, and I stay for his classy piano playing, which despite Fredrik's disappointment over my exclamation regarding something else, I merely fail to complement because I have grown to take its sheer awesomeness and adding-pleasantness-to-my-day for granted.

-The wife