Monday, July 6, 2009


I've packed cough drops, ibuprofen, noise-cancelling headphones, iPod, phone and wallet. Left to do: Brush my teeth and receive a good-luck kiss from Lori (and maybe a good luck smile from Benjamin), then I'm out.

Reminders to self:

1. Play well. You know how to do this. With 300BB starting stacks, you have a huge edge over most of the other entrants. Don't be afraid to leverage it.

2. It's worse to play weak-tight and inevitably bust near the bubble than play well and bust early.

3. Have fun and remember that you're not the only one in the room doing this for the first time.


Alright, I'm off. Rawr.


Fredrik Paulsson: said...

It wasn't quite true that he packed his iPod. But hopefully he'll survive without it. Or perhaps I'll be feeling adventurous later and come deliver it. - Lori

Anonymous said...

Good luck!

-Kefka of NannyMUD Fame

Michael Rawdon said...

Good luck, Fredrik! I'll be looking to see whether your name shows up on the official tournament update page!