Saturday, September 20, 2008

Da, Comrade

Got back from Kiev Thursday night, exhausted. It had been a very long week with days consisting of what my boss jokingly calls "working halftime," meaning 12+ hour days. The results were good, though, and by any measurement the trip was a success. So I'm tired but happy, I guess you could say.

Oh, and we found hats that we absolutely needed to buy. Here's a picture from the office we sat in while there. Apparently it's a "sauna hat" which makes absolutely no sense to me because I can't figure out why you'd want to wear a hat in a sauna. Nevertheless, there it is - red star, and everything. In the back is my coworker, who also got a hat. The ukranians must have thought we were, well, special people. I guess that's not entirely untrue.

So now I'm home for four days before a much-needed vacation of one week in Spain, and we're leaving Tuesday. Full speed at work for two days, try to take care of the poor, neglected garden during the weekend, be social with friends and desperately try to play some poker in between. Oh, and hang out with Lori.

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