Sunday, September 28, 2008


Yup, it's raining. Yup, we're playing lotsa board games.

Notable moments include me eating a sausage that we bought in the store that looked good. While I'm chewing on it, I read, on the package, "Cocinar completamente antes de su consumo." My Spanish skills being somewhat questionable, I reach for the dictionary and look up "cocinar."

Turns out it means, which I guessed but wasn't sure, "cook."

The other words I could figure out without looking them up. "Completamente" presumably means "finish," and "ante" means "before." Consumo, of course, being consume, or eat.

So... Finish cooking before you eat it.

I read this as I chew on what I now realize is a raw sausage. Not only that, but a cheap raw sausage. With an explicit warning that it should be cooked before eaten.

So I go and pour myself a deciliter shot of whisky.

I'm still fine.

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