Sunday, September 14, 2008

Next stop: Kiev

I've been more quiet than usual the past two weeks, and that's chiefly due to being busy at work. It sort of culminates with my upcoming visit to Ukranian capital Kiev tomorrow, and I'll be there until Thursday.

Having never been there before, I'm not entirely sure what to expect. I checked it out on Wikipedia and the city itself looks pretty enough. 2.6 million citizens. I'm not at all sure how much time I'll get to spend on things that are not work, but I bet there are things to do in Kiev - even if you only stay for four days. I've gotten the idea that they're big on tourists - or they'd like to be - so I'm sure it'll be hospitable enough.

That's really all the update I have for you right now.

Oh, and maybe a poker half-month update: "Only" 8k hands played this month, but a good win-rate now that I'm only playing 4 tables makes for a decent profit. I say "only" because it's less than I have played in the preceeding months, but it's at the level that suits me. We'll see if I make any real marathon sessions this month, but I'm happy getting a few hundred hands in here and there. Of course, I noticed that Party Poker has a $500 redeposit bonus that requires surprisingly little effort to clear (and they'll let you clear it $100 at a time) so I'm probably going to go for that, and that might require me to play a bit more than my lazy self would actually like. We'll see about that.

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